Giving thanks..

I want to be thankful for everything, for those little and big things God has blessed me with and embrace what has been given to me..

Thank you dear Lord.. for protecting me.. and my family.. for your forgiveness and deliverance.. I thank you too oh Lord for giving more strength to my sick mother.. for another life you have given her..

Thank you, to my family, for being there.. being alive and happy, and being the supporting pillar of my life..

Thank you, to my husband, for making my life a little bit balanced..

Thank you, to my precious daughter, for completing my life..

Thank you, to the company I am working for almost 11years now.. for providing me salary to live

Thank you, to all my friends (elementary, highschool, collage friends) for making my schooling a little bit more challenging

Thank you, to all of my past teacher.. you’re part of what I became now..

Thank you, blogging world for being my breathing space.. and giving me another chance to know other people too with same interest (skincare and makeups.. and yes, motherhood)

Thank you, to my blog friends for your undying support.. for reading.. passing by my page.. leaving comment and likes on my posts..

I am so thankful to all of you..


Collab: $20 Makeup Challenge

It was my first time doing a collab and it was with my IG and blog buddy Fowlalpha also known for Chubbychicsdiary and this collab was originally done by My style Inside Out (before: FilipinoInsideOut) and Stash Matters (but since Fowlalpha and I were both Philippine-based we both agreed to get Philippine-brand makeups)

I used the current convertion of CAD to PHP rate


And here is what I bought for our “$20 Makeup Challenge Philippine Edition” (since we also agreed to pick a theme and we got: “Summer Theme” since it is summer already)

First i got this Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream SPF 50 & PA++++ it has only one shade and it comes in “medium to deep”  and I was surprised that it is lightweight and also water-like texture and dries to natural matte finish  — I love it!


It did its job on concealing some minor facial redness I can even wear this alone. The shade is just perfect, it adjusts to your skin shade, non sticky nor greasy. This 50ml tube costs me Php349.75  (CAD 9.85)

Next I got something from Watsons and look for Ever Bilena  (yes, well known Filipino brand) been introduced to this brand when I was in my highschool days. I am into light makeup during this season because of the weather, so i grab something that will fit the budget and something that can multitask so this one were included into my basket


Evera lip and cheek tint. They have bigger one and it comes in a squeezable plastic tube container and costs Php135 (CAD 3.8) so i opt for the smaller one to fit the budget. I got the one with doe-foot like applicator and the shade looks lighter red. You can build up the color on your cheeks and on your lips depending on our preference, and this one costs me Php75 (CAD 2.11) now i got something for my lips and cheeks

For the eyes — this one put smile on my face. IMG_20160316_191042.jpg

Ever Bilena Pro Eye Color. A mascara on the side and eye liner on the other side! I love that it is handy and very easy to use. It costs me for only Php175 (CAD 4.93)

Next is something I couldn’t go without = a brow definer, so I got something that could fit my budget too. I got EB Advance Perfect Eye Brow in Dark Brown it is only for Php60 (CAD 1.69)


I didn’t find any eyeshadow that will fit the look, i want something light and it should be matte (for I love mattes!) So I end up heading to HBC and missed their ongoing sale! But since I was already there I said to my self that maybe I can find something what I needed and end up getting this blush (yes a blush but it is what I am looking for)


It has bit of shimmer but I liked this one better. It costs Php75 (CAD 2.11)

I think my purchases was over the $20 budget (if I only got the Belo BB Cream from Sample Room i would definitely slash the price to half but i didn’t get the chance though I still have 113point to consume from SR)

My total purchases: Php734.75 (CAD 20.69) I was over with 0.69!)

There you go, the look is complete with all of the items I got for this challenge. Thank you dear Fowlapha (known for Chubbychicsdiary) I look forward for more challenges this is fun and enjoyed doing this.

This month…

March 2016

I like that it is summer already! I want to do a lot of things under the heat of the sun, lay on the beach while snipping on my favorite smoothie.. swim under water and enjoy nature.. and most of all summer is my favorite time of the year cause it is time for fun and relaxing.. breathing fresh and stress-free..

I don’t like that I have still dry cough and colds for almost over a week now..

I want you to know that I think I am ready to forgive those people who have hurt me in the past, and I wanna say thank you too for making me stronger and making me a better person now..

I’ve planned to start regaining control of my life all over again. I want to make this year one of the best year of my life..

I want to say to someone special that you will always be the love of my life, thank you for being there for us – me and our daughter.. we may face a lot of trials and hindrances today but I know God will always be our guide to everything..

EB Matte in Toast of NY

Good Day!

My first post would be about lipstick (since my blog name is “Lipsticks and Bottles” so expect more of beauty related items and baby/toddler related items) and I would  love to share you “a good find” for this month.

My very first makeup set is from “Ever Bilena” I was in my first year highschool then, and we had this technical/vocational course, and I chose Cosmetology. My father is the very first person who bought me makeup (always be a papa’s girl, I Love You Pa! and will always be proud of you) and yes, he bought me items I needed for my cosmetology class. So he accompanied me and help me with my “project” (even he works abroad he always buy cosmetics for us, yes because he has three daughters and I am the eldest) my first makeup brand is Ever Bilena.

As I grow older, this brand is always a staple in my kikay kit. (for as a student: both my highschool and collage days, I always budget everything so that I won’t be over spending on items I seldom use and having this brand saves my kikay kit. Why? Because they’re much affordable and even good for those who have sensitive skin, plus it was Philippine made — always patronize your own.)

And today, I will be sharing with you guys a good lipstick. I prefer MATTE lippies for they never get out of style, they’re classic and gives you natural looking lips.


I only got this lippie for Php165 (less than $4)  It is a beautiful shade that fits those ladies with olive skin. It is one of the most best seller shades. I love brown lippies since I was in my highschool days. It was love at first swipe. I read a lot of great reviews for this line. I want to complete all the shades (and I’am planning to be a dealer for this brand too) I got this from Watsons two weeks ago. The shade is perfect for daily use (I wear this at the office)

I don’t have any regret on getting this one. It has a decent pigmentation you can simply apply one layer for lighter look (for me, it would be my MLBB shade) and I even apply heavy for more fierce look (good for night makeup look) Most of Filipina beauty enthusiast says it was a great dupe for Kylie Jenner Lip Kit (most affordable one)

Have you tried any from this brand too?

New Year, New Blog

I’ve been blogging since 2009, but since blogging is like opening your self (even privacy) I tend to slow it down. I created this blog for my passion of makeups and skincare (and having online friends here who have the same passion is a plus)

I’m not a professional blogger nor writer. I’m here to share simple things that made me happy. I love sales and great deals (as a mom-on-budget like me everything should be considered, from the quality and the price, and yes it should be beyond the budget)

You may follow my IG too (@lipsticksandbottles)