Giving thanks..

I want to be thankful for everything, for those little and big things God has blessed me with and embrace what has been given to me..

Thank you dear Lord.. for protecting me.. and my family.. for your forgiveness and deliverance.. I thank you too oh Lord for giving more strength to my sick mother.. for another life you have given her..

Thank you, to my family, for being there.. being alive and happy, and being the supporting pillar of my life..

Thank you, to my husband, for making my life a little bit balanced..

Thank you, to my precious daughter, for completing my life..

Thank you, to the company I am working for almost 11years now.. for providing me salary to live

Thank you, to all my friends (elementary, highschool, collage friends) for making my schooling a little bit more challenging

Thank you, to all of my past teacher.. you’re part of what I became now..

Thank you, blogging world for being my breathing space.. and giving me another chance to know other people too with same interest (skincare and makeups.. and yes, motherhood)

Thank you, to my blog friends for your undying support.. for reading.. passing by my page.. leaving comment and likes on my posts..

I am so thankful to all of you..


This month…

March 2016

I like that it is summer already! I want to do a lot of things under the heat of the sun, lay on the beach while snipping on my favorite smoothie.. swim under water and enjoy nature.. and most of all summer is my favorite time of the year cause it is time for fun and relaxing.. breathing fresh and stress-free..

I don’t like that I have still dry cough and colds for almost over a week now..

I want you to know that I think I am ready to forgive those people who have hurt me in the past, and I wanna say thank you too for making me stronger and making me a better person now..

I’ve planned to start regaining control of my life all over again. I want to make this year one of the best year of my life..

I want to say to someone special that you will always be the love of my life, thank you for being there for us – me and our daughter.. we may face a lot of trials and hindrances today but I know God will always be our guide to everything..